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TỐNG TIỀN VÀ SÁT NHÂN (Phóng Ảnh 1 bài báo Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 30, 1982)


Phóng Ảnh 1 bài báo của GEORGE A. SORENSEN trên tờ "Salt Lake Tribune", Dec. 30, 1982

Probe Links Refugee Murder To Nationwide Extortions

By George A. Sorensn
Tribune Suburban Editor

WEST VALLEY CITY – Investigation of the October robbery of a Vietnamese grocery store and the murder of one of its owners has apparently helped a California congressman’s probe into terrorism against thousands of Vietnam refugees in this country by other Vietnamese.

Det Ron Edwards, West Valley City, said Tuesday the arrest of three persons after the robbery and shooting has provided positive leads for Rep Ronald V Dellum D- Calif.

In telephone conversations with Det Edwards, Rep Dellum has indicated the shakedown is nationwide, especially along the West Coast from Orange County, Calif to Portland, Ore. The representative is urging Congress to establish a committee to look into the problem.

Reporters Killed

Three reporters who have been investigating the scam have been murdered in areas ranging from San Francisco to Houston, Texas, Det Edwards has learned.

At least 25 murders in California are believed to be connected with the shakedown Groups are trying to get money on the pretense of arming themselves to return to Viet Nam to kill Viet Cong, Det Edwards said.

The two known liberation groups call themselves Overseas Victory Force for Freedom of Vietnam and the National United Front of Liberation of Viet Nam. They are asking for the contributions – and often extorting under the threat of death. Both are headed by former high ranking Vietnamese military officers, he said.

Apparently the robbery of the West Valley grocery store and the subsequent shooting death of Hien Nguyen in Orem was associated with the extortion. Four persons were arrested following the shooting as they attempted to make their way back to California on I-15.

One, Trung Buu Tran, was charged with the murder by Orem Police but has been extradited to California where he is a suspect in three similar murders, Det Edwards said.

Two others have pleaded guilty to the robbery charges and the fourth persons was extradited to California after local robbery charges were dropped, he added.

Det Edwards feels that since the Oct. 1 robbery and murder, the pressure for donations has abated in Utah, but there are still efforts to collect from Vietnamese living between Fillmore and Salt Lake City.

The investigation is continuing in Utah on several levels, he added.

"While using the patriotic theme of getting money to buy arms so that members of the two groups … are actually lining their own pockets with the money", he said.

"There is no way they can secure enough arms and get them to Viet Nam without some investigative body of the federal government learning of it,” Det Edwards said.

Recently a bombing in Virginia was associated with the groups, he added.

Rep Dellum has a full-time investigator and is trying to have Congress ….


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